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Most recommended diaper bags 2014


Taking the baby wherever you go does not have to be an inconvenience any longer. You can now effortlessly carry all the equipment you need while still managing to look great. Diaper bags are a must for any parent, male or female. The utility of these items has become undeniable. They offer storage space and the freedom to leave the house whenever you feel like going shopping or going for a walk. Just pack the bag, take your loved ones with you and enjoy a great day out without having to stress about what to do when a quick diaper change is in place. There are many options for you to choose from when it comes to products such as these. Some cost a lot so there is no point in making a hasty decision. Our experts have gone through dozens of diaper bag reviews of 2014 in order to come up with a proper list for you to choose from. Here is what some of their favorite products have to offer:

Durability is key when it comes to diaper bags. The materials stitched together should be premium quality so as not to deteriorate quickly.

Storage space and useful compartments are also important. A great diaper bag has all the necessary pockets to store things like keys, change, bottle and much more.

Some of the best diaper bags out there are made of materials which are effortless to clean. The fact that such bags will get dirty is inevitable.

One last thing all of the top diaper bags 2014 have is a lightweight design. Even though materials are durable and can carry a lot of weight, they can still keep it light.


After you read our guide, you can find below our recommendations:


ProductAvailable ColorsPriceOur ratingBest Price on:
Lesportsac Ryan Baby Diaper Bag
Zoo cute, flower and more$$$$$A+Amazon
JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag
Stone arbor, charcoal and more$$$$B+Amazon
Diaper Dude Diaper Bag
Black, gray, red and more$$$AAmazon
Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag
Black, bronze and more$$$$AAmazon
Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag
Black, brown, red and more$$B+Amazon
Carter's Fashion Tote
Tonal dot$$AAmazon


Lesportsac Ryan Baby Diaper Bag


1This is according to several diaper bag reviews of 2014, one of the most popular products of its kind. Moms all over the world purchase this affordable yet very durable bag which has all the necessary features to keep them satisfied. The first thing you notice is the very nice exterior design. It is fun and you as you can immediately see just by looking at it, very versatile. You can carry this bag on your shoulder on in hand. You can hang it onto your stroller or comfortably place it on the back of your bicycle. When it comes to size, the Ryan diaper bag is more than generous. It is large enough for different outfits and accessories. The interior of the bag is very nicely separated by several pockets which are all zipped so nothing gets mixed up. The material used for this bag is synthetic which makes it really easy to wash. The exterior color is also very important. Because it is darker, stains will not become obvious.

“I thought this diaper bag looked cute and I also decided to buy it for its spacious interior with numerous pockets. This lets me take with me all the baby essentials I need, plus some mommy stuff as well. Also, the bag looks very well made and since it’s comfortable to carry, I recommend it to other mommies.” - Amanda Godwin

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JJ Cole Satchel Diaper Bag


2The Satchel diaper bag is a very versatile and great looking product. It is perfect for moms who love taking their babies all over the place without having to worry about what will happen if a diaper change is mandatory. It looks just like a regular bag and what is even more exciting is that it costs less than some accessories which don’t even have half the storage space. It is extremely durable and can be used in many different ways. It even has some special design features which will allow you to comfortably strap it to the stroller. The stroller attachments come included in the price just as the coordinating changing pad does. If you are more comfortable with messenger bags, you will be happy to know that this product has a removable strap which has extra padding so you don’t hurt your shoulders while carrying it. Not many people know this but the materials used to create a diaper bag are very important. The top diaper bags 2014 will never use toxic products which may affect the child’s health.

“Mommy has to look good too, when she’s out with her newborn baby. That’s why I got this designer bag from JJ Cole.which looks very stylish and is very practical as well. The numerous side pockets allow me to keep my keys or my iPhone, the interior is very roomy and I’m able to have constantly on me all my baby essentials. I got myself the best designer diaper bag possible!” - Trish H. Morell

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Diaper Dude Diaper Bag


3Not all diaper bags are created for women. Dads need to carry around baby equipment just as much as moms. Avoid being seen carrying a woman’s bag by purchasing the Diaper Dude Diaper bag. It is the perfect product to invest in if you are one of those dads who love spending time with their child. This bag made completely out of nylon is the most durable on the market. Even though it is destined for the dads, it can be used by women. It offers quick access to all the exterior pockets and it has extra padding for a more comfortable fit. Its across-the-chest design gives you all the mobility you need so as not to feel restricted in any way. It has special pockets for bottles and room to store keys, your wallet and even some extra clothes for your baby. It comes with a stroller strap and it also has a changing pad included in the package. It is easy to wash and very affordable. Most say that this is the best diaper bag 2014.

“Daddy got a new diaper bag from his darling wife. Even though most men won’t wear it, I find it very useful and don’t leave home without my Dude diaper bag. I keep bottles, diapers,wet-wipes and all sort of stuff in its many pockets. This way I’m well prepared for any type of scenario when I’m taking a stroll with my youngest son.” – Larry J. Duval

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Skip Hop Versa Diaper Bag


4This diaper bag has such a brilliant design that people will never know its actual purpose. It looks better than a lot of normal handbags and it provides infinitely more benefits than 50% of similarly priced accessories. The people at Skip Hop really put a lot of work into creating this diaper bag which has a lot of tricks up its sleeve. It can increase its capacity with 20% due to the expandable center. It can be placed on a stroller or it can nicely fit on your shoulder. It is perfect for any situation and it is very affordable. Despite the low price tag, you also get a cushioned changing pad. The stitching and the materials used to put this bag together are waterproof which also means that the bag can easily be cleaned without ruining it. On the inside this bag has insulated pockets and also zipped pockets to keep important things safe. As far as design features go, this is definitely the best diaper bag 2014.

“I studied the diaper bag market, what it had to offer etc. and this is the diaper bag that I thought suited my style the best. Of course, looks were not the only thing I bought it for, the interior being very spacious and I can easily fit everything I need to go out with my daughter. The price is quite enticing as well!” - Ramona Castorena

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Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag


5Skip Hop designers clearly know what they are doing. Their diaper bags are amazing in each and every way. They manage to create impeccable bags which can easily be worn as normal bags without anyone ever noticing. The price for which these products are sold is also impressive. A Skip Hop bag such as the Duo Deluxe is well under $100 which is amazing considering how durable these bags are and how much abuse they can take without even losing a shade of color. This bag is also very versatile. It can be worn in so many different ways by both parents. It comes with a shoulder strap which is very comfortable and generous. It also has large pockets on the exterior so you can store the things you need to always have within reach. It is designed with a changing pad and also stroller straps so you can easily attach it to your stroller while going for a walk with your baby.

“I bought the Sjip Hop Duo Deluxe because it had more room than most other diaper bags. I want to be well prepared for any type of small emergency, so this is why I opted for a larger size. I feel at ease knowing I have all my baby essentials with me at all times.”  – Gloria S. Bullock

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Carter’s Fashion Tote


6This is a product destined entirely for women. It is a diaper bag disguised as a normal handbag. It looks very nice and it seems quite comfortable. It is according to some of the most popular diaper reviews, the best diaper bag 2014. It is the most affordable on the list and it is also among the most durable. It is made out of synthetic materials which means it will never deteriorate due to humidity or mid abuse. It is very spacious and quite well compartmented so as to offer all the necessary space for you to store both your things and the baby’s things. The Velcro flap used to close the bag comes in very handy considering you will be opening and closing the bag all the time. Even though it may sound hard to believe, this bag also has an accessory which could be very useful at times. It comes with an additional smaller see-through rectangular bag destined to carry things like money, your phone or documents.

“Reading the top diaper bag reviews got me to check out this diaper bag from Carter’s which I thought will best suit my needs. I never leave home without it and I always find room to place inside everything I need to be prepared to change or clean my son when he makes a bit of a mess in his stroller. Every mommy should have one such diaper bag!” - Lisa C. Jackson

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Ecosusi Polka Dot Deluxe Designer Diaper Tote Bag


7The Polka Dot Deluxe is a really fun bag to have. It is durable and has a lot of storage space on both the interior and the exterior. It can be worn in many different ways and it can store all the basic things you need for spending an entire day out with your child. It has some strong zippers and very durable stitching which is very important considering you will be carrying around quite a bit of weight. One other great thing about it is the fact that it has a lightweight body so as not to add too much stress to your shoulders which are already burdened by a relatively heavy load made out of bottles, clothes, diapers and much more. What makes this diaper bag so popular is its low price. It is incredibly affordable despite having all the necessary features to keep any parent happy.

“This diaper bag caught my attention because it has a pleasant design and it had a huge interior, perfect for holding: diapers, wet-wipes, bottles, napkins, smartphones, keys and my list can go on for quite a while. From my experience with it, I give it a 4,5 star rating!” - Patricia Sheffer

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